How to Use Curb It Yourself 

This process is nearly identical to that of a professional installer. 


Step #1: Ground Prep

Clear the top growth to an inch or two of solid soil. The curb will ride on top of the ground. 


Step #2: Edging

Use a flat blade shovel to remove surface growth. The edge of the grass is a good way to control the edge of your curb. 


Step #3: Concrete

Create the concrete by mixing sand and Portland cement in a 4:1



Step #4: Just Add Water

 After the sand and cement are mixed, add water to the desired consistency. A mixer is not necessary (additional tips on Facebook). 


Step #5: Just Keep Trowel-ing

Press concrete into the trowel, advance the trowel, smooth, and repeat. 



Step #6: Enjoy Your New Curbs

Your wallet thinks it looks great, too. 

Curb It Yourself

Curbing by you for less 

Note that curb it yourself sits right on the ground.

The Professional Installer

Curbing by them for a lot more

This professionally installed curb also sits right on the ground. 

Note that this is also how curbing is installed in freezing climates. 




Save Money


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